Sort it Out: Labs Event


On Thursday, February 7th, from 11:00am to 2:00pm in the Fipke Foyer, students, staff and faculty will have the opportunity to learn how labs can conserve energy, and reduce and divert waste. There will be coffee, snacks and prizes. Remember to bring your mug!


The Green Research Advisory Committee held a retreat in November 2012.  The primary areas of concentration would be in reduction of energy use, protection of water resources and engagement of the larger University community.  This group aims to take existing resources, information and program and spread it to all members of the campus community in a targeted manner: from chemistry through to fine arts, and from a first year undergraduate to the tenured researcher.


Whether you’re new to the concept of green research or looking to enhance your knowledge of environmental sustainability in the lab, the Green Research Workshop is for you.

UBC’s Okanagan campus Department of Risk Management Services and the Okanagan Sustainability Office held a Green Research Workshop November 15.

The 2011 workshop’s focus is on wastes and how we can reduce, re-use or turn them into resources.

Formal presentations, research posters to read and trade-show booths were available to browse.




 Presenters included:

  • UBC Researchers & Students
  • Hazardous Waste Handlers
  • UBC Recyclers, and Waste Haulers
  • Composters
  • Styrofoam Re-Use Company
  • Glenmore Landfill
  • Facilities Management
  • Aramark Catering
  • Risk Management Services – UBC Vancouver
  • Okanagan Sustainability Office- UBC Okanagan
  • Risk Management Services


Offered in the fall each year, the Green Research Workshop provides UBC faculty, staff and students with information about green research practices, products and services.

The Green Research Workshop offered on October 28, 2010 was a success.  It offered attendees the opportunity to learn hands-on how to develop a lab-specific, waste-minimization plan and to discover practices, products and services available to reduce water consumption and save energy in the lab. The Green Research Workshop was a live interactive webcast.  The Okanagan campus’ contribution to the webcast was titled Real Options for Lab Stewardship Okanagan Campus presented by Judit Moldovan, Laboratory Manager for Irving K. Barber School of Arts and Sciences Unit 3, and Caitlyn Liberto, summer student.

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