Green Research

The Green Research Program facilitates the sustainable reduction of the research footprint on the environment.  Staff provides training, guidance and consultation as well as recycling and recovery programs.

The Lab Plastics Recycling Program is managed by the Sustainability Office.

For more information on Okanagan initiatives, contact or (250)807-8656.

Green Labs Program (RMS Vancouver)


Recycle your laboratory glass and plastics and enter to win prizes!

As part of our Green Research initiative, each lab that recycles their used clean glass and plastics can be entered to win any of the prizes below.

Clean glass can be deposited in the clean glass bin (green labelled) in your lab. When the bucket is full, request a pick-up through the Hazardous Waste Inventory System.

Register your lab to recycle your used plastic with the Sustainability Office and receive an extra entry every time you record your plastics recycling in the Lab Plastics Recycling program.

Help us keep a low environmental footprint for your labs by recycling today!


3 x 2L of Armour Beads – Armour beads replace water and ice in cooling and heating operations in the lab. They are cleaner and reusable!

2 x 3 Boxes of Glove Liners – Glove liners help extend the life of disposable gloves in labs. Washable and reusable!

1 x 4 Surge Protecting Power Bars – Power bars with timers and auto on/off outlets. Reduce energy usage from non-essential instruments and increase the life of your machinery!

Monthly Winners:

March:  Rosemary Garner  – A set of Glove Liners 


April: Dr. Kevin Smith (pictured with grad student Ben Olafsen)  – Power Bars


May: Dr. Michael Russello with his lab students – Glove Liners

June:  Dr. Phil Barker (pictured with Cherie Michels) – 2 L Armour Beads


July & August: Gunnar Leitner (pictured with Cherie Michels) – 2 x 2 L Armour Beads