University Health & Safety Committee

Responsible Executive

  • Rob Einarson, AVP Finance and Operations

UHSC Members

Voting Members

  • Bizzotto, Roger (M & P), Facilities Management  – Co-Chair
  • Majeran, Michelle (BCGEU), Health & Social Development – Co-Chair
  • Kane, Nicola (BCGEU), Campus Planning & Development
  • Hohl, Shannon,  (BCGEU), School of Engineering
  • Zinz, David  (BCGEU), School of Engineering
  • Moralejo, Lisa (UBCFA), School of Nursing
  • Wagner, John (UBCFA), Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences
  • Campbell, Troy (M & P), Campus Security Services
  • Guernard, Chris (M & P), University Relations
  • Guttman, Guy (M & P), Manager, Building Operations & Services, Conferences and Student Housing
  • Wilson, Roger  (M & P), Director, Health and Wellness

Non-Voting Members

  • Michels, Cherie, Advisor,  HSE
  • McLeod, Jason, Advisor, HSE
  • Ingram, Natalie, Recorder