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  • Building a Culture of Health and Safety

  • Stuff You Should Know

  • Flu Season Continues

  • Handling Emergencies

  • Green Fund

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Prevent Heat Stress

  • Cougar Sightings

  • View the full agenda and register for the half day seminar sponsored by WorkSafeBC, Peller Estate Winery, & University of British Columbia.  

  • View the online presentation entitled "Stuff You Should Know"

  • The flu is highly contagious and can cause severe complications for the very young, old and those with underlying health conditions. Getting ill with the flu can mean several missed days of school, work and other activities. Protect yourself and those around you – get your flu shot

  • Review evacuation procedures. Know the quickest way out of a building from your classroom/lab/office. Plan a secondary route should the primary route not be available. 

  • Making a Positive Environmental Impact on the Okanagan Campus. Risk Management Services is pleased to announce that 3 applicants from the Okanagan campus have had their Green Research Proposals funded by the Green Research Fund. More...

  • Emergency Procedures and Information. In the case of an emergency at UBC's Okanagan campus, please visit emergency.ok.ubc.ca.

  • These measures are designed to help to minimize the negative effects of excessive heat on employees who are working in indoor environments with higher-than-normal temperatures. There are a variety of measures that can be taken to minimize or prevent heat stress. Some of these steps can be taken by the employee, while other preventive measures can be implemented by supervisors and departments. More...

  • Stay calm and keep the cougar in view. Pick up children immediately - children frighten easily, the noise and movements they make could provoke an attack. Back away slowly, ensuring that the animal has a clear avenue of escape. Make yourself look as large as possible. Keep the cougar in front of you at all times. More...


The protection of community health is focused on the management of risk factors in the environment. This includes risk exposure identification, assessment and control, as well as proactive interventions including educational campaigns, musculoskeletal injury prevention, immunization clinics, respiratory protection, hearing conservation, infectious disease control and pandemic planning. More...


UBC strives to send every employee home healthy at the end of each day. To this end, the University has instituted a safety management system built on comprehensive and structured programs designed to reduce accidents and eliminate injuries on campus. This includes research safety, emergency and disaster planning, diving safety, and general safety programs. More...


Environmental Programs supports departments across the University in meeting their environmental obligations as prescribed by UBC Policy #6 - Environmental Protection Compliance and UBC Policy #9 - Hazardous Materials Management. More...