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Incident/Accident Reporting and Investigation

The Workers Compensation Act (WCA) defines an incident to include “an accident or other occurrence which resulted in or had the potential for causing an injury or occupational disease”.

The University of British Columbia Okanagan, in compliance with the WCA, requires that all accidents/incidents be reported in writing to the Risk Management Services office within 24 hours of the occurrence (see applicable report form below).

Incidents involving serious injury (or the potential for serious injury), or release of hazardous materials, must also be reported immediately by dialing the University's emergency number:  7-8111 (internal) or 250-807-8111 (external).

Reporting incidents allows for effective incident investigations, which is critical to reducing the likelihood of re-occurrence.  Minimizing the potential of re-occurrence means a safer environment for all.

You can contact the Risk Management Services office at 807-8821 or for more information.

Incident Reporting


Any event involving serious injury or death, a major leak of a dangerous substance, a major structural failure or collapse, or any other serious mishap must be immediately reported to Campus Security’s emergency line: 250-807-8111


   Any event involving injury to a person or damage to property, or with the potential to do so, must be reported to UBC within 24 hours.


There is a new incident reporting process at UBC Okanagan.  Instead of a paper-based system, reporting is now done electronically.  Select the applicable section below depending on who was involved in the incident and then the system will then guide you through the reporting process.  If you have any questions or problems regarding the new system, please contact Jason McLeod of Risk Management Services (250-807-8821).

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1. UBC Okanagan staff, faculty, or paid students:

Every incident or accident involving UBC faculty, staff, or paid students must be reported via the UBC Faculty, Staff, or Paid Student's Incident/Accident Online Form. The form must be completed by the supervisor of the involved person, even if no injuries were sustained.

Where injuries or occupational diseases were sustained, the person involved in the incident must also complete the WorkSafeBC Form 6A – Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer. This form can be given to the supervisor and submitted using the supervisor's online form, or it can be emailed to

An employee must also report all incidents/accidents to their supervisor as soon as possible following the incident/accident.

* Any student that is paid by the university is considered to be a "paid student", examples include: Teaching Assistants, stipends, work study, etc.

2. UBC Okanagan practicum/clinical placement students:

Students completing the practicum portion of their studies are eligible for workers' compensation if they experience work-related illness or injury while doing their practicum, provided their practicum meets certain requirements. Learn more.

Two forms must be filled out for each accident/incident involving a UBC practicum/clinical placement student.

A. Supervisor/Preceptor completes UBC Practicum Supervisor/Preceptor Occupational Injury or Disease Online Form

B. Practicum/clinical placement student completes UBC Practicum/Clinical Placement Student's Report of Occupational Injury or Disease Online Form

3. UBC Okanagan students or visitors:

The UBC Student and Visitor Incident/Accident Online Form should be completed by, or on behalf of, visitors to UBC Okanagan and UBC students who have been injured on the premises.

Students who are employed at UBC must follow the same reporting procedures as faculty and staff. 

Note: This form should be completed by practicum/clinical placement students visiting from other provinces and countries.

4. UBC Okanagan contractors:

The UBC Contractor Incident/Accident Online Form should be completed by, or on behalf of, contractors who have been injured while on the worksite at UBC.


Note: In all cases, if first aid was administered, a first aid record must be completed and submitted to  As per legal requirements, this document will be kept on file for a minimum of three years.




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