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Incident/Accident Reporting and Investigation

Incident Reporting

The Workers Compensation Act (WCA) defines an incident to include “an accident or other occurrence which resulted in or had the potential for causing an injury or occupational disease”.

The University of British Columbia, Okanagan in compliance with the WCA, requires that all accidents/incidents be reported in writing to the Risk Management Services office within 24 hours of the occurrence (see applicable report form below).

Incidents involving serious injury (or the potential for serious injury), or release of hazardous materials, must also be reported immediately by dialing the University's emergency number:  7-8111 (internal) or 250-807-8111 (external).

Reporting incidents allows for effective incident investigations, which is critical to reducing the likelihood of re-occurrence.  Minimizing the potential of re-occurrence means a safer environment for all.

You can contact the Risk Management Services office at 807-8821 or for more information.

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